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This page is all about the 8 Ball Stunt Police division
A summary of some of the projects we have done in Hollywood.

On the set of "Women's Murder Club"

Chamillionaire Music Video

"Second Chance"

On the set of "The Night Watchman"

"World Full of Nothing"

On the set of "Above the Law"

On the set of "Paris Hilton" (wannabe)

Al Burke as a Equestrian NYPD Police

On the set of "It's Christmas"

A cool tunnel scene from "BOTBOY"

With the DeLorean in "Future Crimes"

Press Conference in "Heart of Fear"

In Eminem's video "Ass Like That"
with our Crank Yankers puppets

On set of "Triloquist" with Al Burke
and Brian Kruasse of "Charmed"

Sieman's Print Ad for Germany and I
have the director and producer in line

Japanese singing star "Hitomi" trying
the 8 Ball Stunt motorcycle for size

"Taking Back Sunday" Music Video called "20 20 Surgery"

Al Burke of "8 Ball Stunts" as a cop
in the horror film "Blood Gnomes"

Al kills another punk in "Fallen Hero"

A scene from the film "Salty Dog"
Singing Country Music is a way to die

The LAPD in a Slim Thug music video

Not even the Judge is safe with LAPD

Music Video for "Black Buddafly"

A scene from the film "Naked Run"
with a hot chick on the back of the bike

A Samuel Adams Beer commercial

A few of our Police Motors

Pete and Al ready to ride

Discovery Channel's "Man vs. Wild"

Everybody's Dead Music Video

Donna Marie Sergi with Al Burke in
the Detective room of "Heart of Fear"