Police 2
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More photos in Hollywood as a Police Officer

On the set of "Sharkskin 6" with Ray Wise

Bob Bennett - Al Burke - Ray Wise

Melissa Biggs - Nick Di Brizzi - Al Burke

Ashley of the WWE with Mr. Outrageous on "Hell Yeah"

Highway Patrolman on "The Oatmeal Man"

On the set of a "Doritos" commercial

Arresting officer on "Hardcore Hearts"

Sheriff out in the middle of no where

Al Burke & Frank Lentini investigating the crime scene

Jessica - Al - Victoria

On the set of "The Trek"

Al with the lovely Kianna in China

Mobile, Alabama Police Department recreation

On the set of "Armored"

Bob Sattler & Al Burke on "Heart of Fear"

War of the World's set for "The Frey"

Sheriff Malloy investigating at Old Rita Hall

Music video shoot in downtown LA

On the set of "Can't Stop"

Stunt driving as a NYPD officer

One of my 4 Russian commercials

Hanging out with Chris Cornell's girlfriend

On the set of "Knock Em Dead, Kid"

Another day in the courtroom

On the set of "Safe House"

Bill Morroni was the director of "Safe House"

Having some fun with Michelle

April Fools joke on Chris Cookson

Headshot for my police work in Hollywood

Better to be on the outside of the bars!